Captain James W. Troup

Saturday, August 05, 2006


The Tidaldeane was another of my Great Grandfather's major accomplishments during his lifetime. This estate was more than just a place to inhabit. It was a status symbol for his success and the fruits of his labor. From the Tidaldeane's windows, Captain Troup with pocket watch in hand, could watch his ships sail in route to another 'on time' finish.
Captain and Mrs. Troup entertained often at the estate. Guests would always include the the social and political elite of British Columbia. At one time there was talk of Captain Troup becoming the province's version of Governor. Since he was born in the United States this made it impossible. My Father remembers how it took a closely supervised staff at the Tidadeane to see to its day to day operations.
Sometime following the death of both Captain and Mrs. Troup, The Tidaldeane Estate was sold to business minded parties who eventually built the Patricia Apartments that stand there today.

Number 614 Seaforth is built in the bungalow style. The north-facing verandah is reminiscent of India, where this orientation offered the most protection from the sun. The Princess Patricia apartments stand at the junction of Seaforth and Maitland. They occupy the site of the former home of Captain James Troup, who managed the BC Coast Steamship Service from 1901. From here he could watch his ships enter and exit the harbor. It was he who initiated the practice of naming the fleet for princesses.

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